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The Inresol GENIOUS™ Mini CHP

This is a state of the art portable electricity (and optional heating) stirling generator power station. With this system, you have everything you need to become energy independent all year round. With its online monitoring system (Melacs™) displaying all the operational data, this system is extremely user friendly. We highly recommend this product as a means of disconnecting from the grid, taking control of your energy usage, plus any surplus power that is not needed can even be fed back to the grid for your financial gain.

“GENIOUS™ Portable system is exactly what it says – portable! You can have it connected to your home and the grid at one moment and take it to your summer cabin or boat the next.”

– Stefan Larson, Chairman, Inresol.


The Inresol GENIOUS™ Solar Tracker

This is an innovative solar panel system that uses the same ‘dry’ multi-fuel gamma Stirling engine, with and increased working gas pressure and a higher RPM. The sun’s heat is reflected by 36 independent concave mirrors into the hearer chamber of the engine. The subsequent heat can reach temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius, resulting in an electrical output of 10kW. It uses a guidance system and a 2 axis slew drive to follow the sun, ensuring maximum efficiency, and with its built in Melacs™ online monitoring system, all the operational information is saved to a cloud - accessible at any time.


The Inresol GENIOUS™ Container

This product is a multi-fuel CHP stirling generator system housed in a container, it is perfect for powering and heating larger buildings such as hospitals, universities, care homes, schools etc. This has been designed so that multiple containers can be joined together into form larger systems, meaning that a GENIOUS™ container system can create anything from 10 – 200 kW of CHP. All the operational data is stored online using the MELACS™ system, making it easy to track past and current usage, as well as power output, costs, and consumption


The Inresol Stirling Engine

The GENIOUS™ V2-6 core engine is a new design of “gamma-type” Stirling engines, where new innovations have been implemented in several areas of the design.

The V2-6 engine has the following features:

*Multi fuel burner
( pellets, gas, biomass etc. )

*Clean engine tribology technology
*Dry lubricated bearings and pistons
*Low speed permanent magnet generator
*Water cooling in crank case, generator and bearings

*Nitrogen gas generator integrated into engine

*Low filling pressure design

*Automatic electric gas pressure control
*Virtual Flywheel (anti vibration and automatic

*Flexible speed of the power generator

*High peak power output up to 4 times nominal power



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